Mathematics is the cornerstone to life. We have vibrant and enthusiastic staff who are here to engage and help students achieve the curriculum goals in Mathematics and Further Mathematics.

Mathematics is a good rounded subject useful for sciences, engineering and accountancy. It also it gives students understanding of statistics, graphs and percentages for those who wish to study Economics in higher level.

Since the subject requires perseverance, effort, patience and time, we adopt new ways of teaching mathematical concepts and implement them to avoid restricting Maths to a rote learning subject.

Therefore, these skills are built in our students at senior level:

  • Strengthening of the students understanding of the concepts already acquired in junior school.

  • Develop interest of students in patiently studying Mathematics as a subject and motivate them to think independently, approach any problem with logical reasoning, frame a method to simplify the problem, obtain a desired result, analyse and cross-check the result obtained.

  • Create new insights in students to understand the relation between mathematics and its importance in the modern world.

  • Improve their ability to correlate their knowledge of different topics and thus come to the conclusion that they have to combine the understanding of these topics to solve high order problems.

  • Create a fun-loving approach to the subject and encourage students to pursue it at higher level.

Above all, under-performing students are never left out. We identify them by close data analysis and provide extensive training in after school classes because our joy is in improving Mathematics and Further Maths with 100 percent pass rate at both IGCSE, WEAC and A-levels.