About the Humanities and Languages Department

In the secondary school Curriculum, the Humanities and Languages include English Language, French Language, Literature, Government, Social Studies, Economics, Business Studies, Christian Religious Education, Music, Fine Art, Geography and Civic Education.
The Humanities and Languages provide a framework for students to examine the complex processes that have shaped the modern world and to investigate responses to different challenges including people’s interconnections with the environment.

In Civic, Economics, Social Studies and Business Studies, students explore the systems that shape society, with a specific focus on legal and economic systems. Students learn about Nigeria’s role in global systems, and are encouraged to appreciate democratic principles and to contribute as active, informed and responsible citizens.

In Literature, Government and Geography, students explore the processes that have shaped and which continue to shape different societies and cultures, to appreciate the common humanity shared across time and distance, and to evaluate the ways in which humans have faced and continue to face different challenges.