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Boarding in Surefoot


SIS offers a home away from home experience in a modern, secured, comfortable and well-ordered environment.

Our priority is to ensure that students discover, develop and nurture their talents. We strive to help our students achieve their full potential by caring for their physical, emotional, academic and social needs. Students build a strong bonding with other students as well as with residential staff, who are also their teachers and coaches during the day at school.

Weekend, weekly and full boarding options are provided. Boarding at SIS is a transformative experience and provides the perfect setting for an unparalleled educational experience.

Dorm Parents

The students are supervised by experienced Dorm Parents serving as Loco Parentis to ensure student success. These Loco Parentis work in close collaboration with the school academic and management staff to ensure that students' homework is properly supervised. Recreational and social sessions are organized and supervised by the Dorm Parents. The Dorm Parents also check in regularly with students, chat about their day and ensure that study hours and "lights out" are observed.


The school provides a comfortable living environment. Students are taught to be independent as well as co-exist with each other. Boys and girls are housed in separate dormitories consisting of air-conditioned rooms and a students' lounge with ultra-modern facilities


Three adequate meals and snacks are served daily to ensure that the recommended dietary allowance of each child is met. All meals and snacks are served in the refectory. Treated drinking water is also provided in the dormitories for students.