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Technology in SIS


We envision a world where purposeful, integrated uses of technology tools inspire creativity and innovation, support inquiry, foster collaboration, enhance learning and achievement in all academic areas and enable students to develop critical thinking skills, apply information literacy and manage complexity.

"Technology is integrated into the curriculum and students are provided with a range of co-scholastic activities that foster 21st century skills of creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, research and communication."

ICT in SIS includes our Google Apps for Education setup which is a collaborative, reliable, 100% web, secure and simple tool with the right apps, books and videos for teachers/students and a Virtual Learning Environment so that learning can continue even away from school.

Classrooms are equipped with computers, digital projectors and interactive smart-boards. The ICT Laboratory is equipped with a range of hardware devices, productivity and multimedia software and state-of-the-art communications equipment which facilitates the seeking and accessing of information.

Technology at SIS