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Our Staff

Dr. Dutch



Dr Dutch S.Vic is a great academia of amiable and magnanimous qualities. She possesses an enormous wealth of experience having headed several institutions of knowledge acquisition within and outside the shores of this country. Many professionals who make things happen in recent times have had the opportunity of passing though her tutelage.
She is a great disciplinarian and wherever she goes, she is known for matching words with actions; a goal- getter who has a very great charisma which works for everyone who comes in contact with her thereby enabling them realise their potential. DR Dutch stops at nothing when it comes to character moulding and her discreet and loving qualities go a long way to endear her to her students and colleagues within the confines of the school system.
In all the schools she has headed, her culture of no half measures has led students to win trophies in both curricular and extra curricular activities as she endeavours to blend these two aspects of learning which she strongly believe cannot be treated in isolation. She has so much faith in nation building through impartation of balanced kind of knowledge on our future leaders whom she proudly refers to as agents of positive change.