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Background Information About Surefoot

Welcome to our website, whether you are a student, parent, new enrolment or visitor. We earnestly desire that you enjoy the glimpses of what happens at SIS and celebrate the learning journey of every child. 


We are proud of the well rounded education we offer with a plethora of opportunities for the learners at SIS as we endeavour to provide a scaffolding and supportive environment. We are sure that the students leaving the portals of SIS will emerge as productive citizens, both socially and intellectually, and above all, will emulate the required skills and the Christian values imbued during their life at SIS. 


We are a school for the future with learning programmes that focus on the needs of a 21st century learner and a strong emphasis on a curriculum that is innovative, personalised and connected. We provide a range of learning opportunities to meet the broadening interests and developmental requirements of your child. 


The talented staff are committed to doing the very best we can for each child in our school. 


We look forward to you exploring our site and making contact if you require further information. 


Surefoot International School (SIS) founded by in 2008, lies in Cross River State's most vibrant city,  Calabar, the third most visited city in Nigeria. Calabar, also referred to as "The Nation's Paradise", is a city in Cross River State. The original name for Calabar was Akwa Akpa from the Efik language. The city is watered by the Calabar and Great Kwa Rivers and creeks of Cross River. Calabar is the capital of Cross River State. 


Cross River is a border State that shares its boundaries with Cameroon to the East. Cross River State epitomises Nigeria’s linguistic and cultural plurality and oozes with depth and beauty when it comes to showcasing the diversity of the Niger-Delta. Calabar, is also referred to as "The Nation's Paradise". 


Calabar is endowed with ancient cultural heritage which has been sustained and preserved making Calabar the most beautiful and richest cultures in Africa. To crown it all Calabar plays host to Africa's Biggest Street Party, 'Carnival Calabar' which is held in the scenic city of Calabar on the 27th of December, annually. Surefoot International School SIS is widely known and celebrated as one of the best and elite school's in Nigeria as we continue to provide a stimulating all-round education, coupled with academic excellence to not only Cross Riverians but to various other Nigerians and Nationalities. 


SIS is an inclusive mixed boarding school and our pupils join from the ages of 3 months and continue right through until they are 17 years. At SIS, it is never too early to start learning and this is why we provide intellectually stimulating facilities to our pupils starting from Creche through to Upper Secondary. SIS is a modern, forward-thinking school which embraces new opportunities within teaching and learning.  Traditional Christian values remains important and shapes all of our guiding principles, but it is the willingness to innovate which has seen the school thrive and grow for 7 years and still counting.


We also focus on physical development through the provision of excellent sports facilities. With our naturally turffed mid-size football field and our secondary school size swimming facilities and highly developed sporting curriculum, our students are able to identify and develop their own skills and strengths that will ultimately see them through in the world that continues to be globally reachable.


We start early and welcome children of all ages, whatever their background. At SIS we believe that 'NO CHILD IS LEFT BEHIND'. 


Learning happens in an environment created for learning, that's what you experience at SIS. We urge you to come visit SIS for a school tour and experience learning in a learning environment.