Pastoral Care

SIS is a Christ – centered environment and this is evident in our various devotional activities for the spiritual growth of every student.

Each term commences with a solemn assembly to dedicate the term and to also commit all activities as well as the SIS family to God. This is usually anchored by the school chaplain.

The different divisions usually hold a weekly assembly that centers on worships, praises and prayers. Memory verses are usually chosen for staff members and students to meditate on and emulate. Teachers and students also pray in their different classes on days that the general assembly does not hold.

Every Friday is DEAP ( Drop Everything and Pray ) Students gather together and pray for twenty minutes with teachers’ supervision.

Devotion is also an integral part of dormitory activities in SIS. The boarders with the dorm parents begin each day with morning devotion. They also hold the evening session before light out. Fellowship is observed once a week for praises and exhortation. This is usually complemented with the weekly Sunday service held in the church that is being pastored by the school chaplain.