At Surefoot International School Boarding House, we encourage students to be involved in school activities as much as possible. So, there are many clubs and societies to join in school, which take place during the day. These range from sporting activities, JETS, Dance, Music, Mathematics, French, Press/Public Speaking, Reading, Home Economics, Gymnastics, ICT/Photography/MVA, among others and during this time, students are expected to take part in an activity on a regular basis.

On week days, the main free time for boarders are usually in the evenings. This period is used for preps, extensive classes for underperforming students and students in examination classes.

During the lighter evenings, boarders can take advantage of the wonderful grounds for sports and recreation. They have full access to the courts and outdoor pitches and can engage in indoor and outdoor games like tennis, chess, volleyball, basketball, monopoly, scrabble, PS4, football e.t.c.

Weekends are a time to relax after a busy week of work. We plan a programme of activities such as: general morning devotion, swimming, aerobics training by national gymnastics coach, general washing and cleaning, hostel inspections, talent hunts and evening classes.

Alongside the extensive activities that are available to boarders on-site, we also have optional trips and excursions each term/session. Prices are approximate and the charge is added on the school bill.

The boarders have full access to the special rooms like, study, art, music and library.

Above all, the students are never left on their own because there are dedicated dormitory parents, who are always there to guide and supervise them during these activities.

The boarding house accommodates children from 3 years  and above. It also houses 2 specialist teachers in Maths and English with the goal of assisting and intervening in students academic needs.

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